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Classic Padel Court

Mediterra Pillar Pro
Our classic padel court model ‘’Mediterra Pillar Pro’’ is the most suitable option for padel clubs, hotels, sport facilities and tennis clubs. Strong pillars steel construction, reinforced structure, aesthetic finishing, anti injury mesh system, anti vibration system,easy and fast installation, customized design of any colors for the structure are among the main benefits.It is also our best selling model.

A pillar classic padel court is a variation of the traditional padel court that utilizes pillars or columns to support the walls of the court. This type of court is typically used in outdoor settings and is designed to withstand the elements, such as wind and rain.

One of the main advantages of a pillar classic padel court is that it can be easily assembled and disassembled. The pillars can be anchored to the ground using concrete or other materials, ensuring that the court is stable and secure.

A pillar classic padel court is a great option for those looking to play the sport in an outdoor setting.Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking to try something new, padel is a great sport to consider.

Technical Details

  • Premium quality hot galvanised steel construction. 120x80x3 mm steel pillars, premium aesthetic finishing.
  • Robotic welding.
  • Hot rolled steel profiles, powder coated paint applied electrostatically and oven heated. Customizable colors
  • 4mm Electro welded wire mesh 50x50x4mm, 60x40x2mm steel frame, anti injury mesh system
  • Tempered high quality glass 10mm. Comply with EN 12150 standard CE marked 18 pieces 3x2 meters ( 2995x1995mm)
  • Professional Padel  Turf Curly 12mm, texturized monofilament.  Polyethylene fibres that resist the effects of ice and ultra violet lights and which is durable over time.
  • LED Lighting 200W Projectors 8 pieces
  • Professional padel tennis net
  • Complying with the UNE-EN 10155 Standard
  • UNE EN 12150-1 Standard
  • Warranty; steel structure for 10 years, padel turf for 5 years and other components are for 2 years against manufacturing and workmanship defects.

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