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Textured Monofilament Padel Turf

Textured Monofilament Padel Turf

Curly textured monofilament turf is the most popular product in the world nowadays. This type is used in World Padel Tour(WPT) and many other professional competitions. Curly padel turf, on the other hand, is a type of artificial grass that has a surface with fibers that are curled or twisted in a specific way to create a textured or patterned surface. This type of turf may be used on padel courts to provide additional grip and traction for players, and to create a more realistic playing experience.

It is important to note that both straight and curly padel turf can be made from a variety of different synthetic fibers, and the performance and durability of each type of turf can vary significantly depending on the specific manufacturer and product. We use premium quality materials and supply premium quality products to our customers for high level competition and professional padel players. 

  • High Wear Resistance
  • High UV Resistance
  • High Resistance to UV rays, to heat, to cold temperatures and extreme climatic variations.
  • Yarn Type: 9000/4 Dtex
  • Yarn Thickness: 290 μm
  • Yarn Composition: %100 PE
  • Pile Height: 12mm
  • Gauge: 3/16”
  • Stitch: 25 tufts/dm
  • Stitches m2: 46.200 tufts/m2

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